We operate across the whole property lifecycle and can advise across a multitude of land use sectors including mixed use projects – residential / office / retail / leisure / industrial / logistics / energy.  There is much more to the planning process than applications for consent!

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Due Diligence Services

Prior even to land purchase we can assist and advise in relation to planning risks and liabilities as well as planning driven site-specific opportunities. We can advise on strategies to add real value through the planning process;

Site Promotion Services

Much of the real value to be added to assets can be achieved without even applying for planning permission. We can assist in the promotion of sites through the development plan process to secure valuable site allocations which can translated into value at disposal pre-planning application stage. The allocation can add value. Specific areas of work could be:

o Local Plan promotion
o Neighbourhood Plan Promotion
o Project Team Management
o Local Plan Examination / Evidence Preparation /Expert Witness
o Political Positioning

Pre-Application Services

We can assist in managing project risk by advising on the value of the pre-application process and managing submissions for such advice to local planning authorities. In many instances there is real value in seeking early feedback on proposals in advance of an application submission. We can help with this in guiding project messaging and advising on feedback received and implications for planning application success. Specific areas of involvement could be:

o Scheme Design
o Costs
o Deliverability
o Stakeholder Engagement
o Scheme Promotion
o Options Testing
o Pre-Application Process

Planning Application Services

Securing planning consent is important but it must be the right planning consent. It is no good securing a consent which cannot be implemented or does not deliver what you as the client want to achieve. We manage the whole planning application process – dealing with project and team management and inputs; liaising with stakeholders and negotiating on your behalf to secure a consent not constrained by unnecessary conditions or financial liabilities. Specific areas of involvement could be:

o Technical Inputs (Heritage / Retail / Flood Risk)
o Project Management
o Planning Strategy
o Consultation Management
o Condition negotiation
o Viability
o S106 negotiation / CIL
o Appeals
o Expert Witness
o Environmental Impact Assessments

Construction Services

Gaining consent is one thing, building it out is another. If not developed in accordance with any planning conditions, then a development could be deemed unlawful. We can help with condition discharge, scheme variation and enforcement matters. Specific areas could include:

o Discharge of Conditions
o Safeguarding consents
o Commencement and CIL
o S106 Liability
o Variations and Amendments

Scheme Operation Services

Many developments, especially for commercial operations, are controlled by operational conditions. We can assist in securing variations to these conditions to add value to assets through less restrictive operational regimes. We can also assist on advertisement consents. Specific areas could include:

o Controlling Conditions
o Enforcement Matters
o Advertisements
o Other Control Regimes
o Enhancements / Added Value
o Local Plan representations [Defensive]
o Third Party Application review [Defensive]
o Variations and Amendments

Site Disposal Services

The property market is based on the purchase and disposal of assets as asset manager and owner priorities change. We can assist in ensuring that any value that could be secured through the planning process is obtained / identified before disposal or at least reflected in any transaction value. Specific areas could include:

o Planning History check
o Disposal Risks
o Information Packs
o Land Value Maximisation

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