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Sainsbury's Supermarkets and Henry H Bletsoe & Son

Application Submitted
August 2011
Planning Secured
June 2013
Project Type

Consent for new foodstore in conservation area and out of town livestock market

Delivery of a relocated livestock market and “enabling” new foodstore. 

Thrapston’s historic cattle market which had operated in the town centre since 1871 was, by 2012, in need of significant investment. To facilitate the construction of a new agricultural centre on the edge of the town, operator Henry H Bletsoe & Son sold the site to Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

This was a complex project that involved the relocation of a historic livestock market, redevelopment of the site for a 17,000sqm (182,992sqft), and a new 608,020sqm (6,544,671sqft) rural agricultural centre – all without the market ceasing trading.

In September 2012, East Northamptonshire Council approved the plans for relocation of the market; yet it could only be delivered if they also gave planning permission for Sainsbury’s Supermarkets’ plans.

The market’s town centre site was in a conservation area and contained a number of listed buildings; highway access was also a challenge.  With no significant grocery outlet in the area and the market in need of renovation, the solution would benefit both parties – bringing wider regeneration benefits in the form of an improved town centre, increased footfall and new jobs. In June 2013, the local authority approved Sainsbury’s application and everyone was able to put their plans into action.

By establishing a clear link between the two elements from the outset, the local authority was able to consider the benefits as a whole, resulting in members fully supporting both proposals.

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