Our Approach

At CODA Planning we appreciate that each client’s aspirations and expectations of the planning process are different. The aim is delivering client satisfaction – base on a combination of financial cost, time taken and product output.

Therefore, we take a flexible, bespoke approach to each project – wherever it sits in the property lifecycle – adopting a 3-stage process:

01 / Review

Before embarking on a planning application or site promotion exercise, we seek to understand the context of the project. This involves asking specific and searching questions:

a. What is the client looking for?
b. What is the planning context of the site?
c. Is the project proposed correct for the site?
d. What hurdles need to be overcome to deliver a successful project?
e. What are the timescale and cost parameters?

02 / Identify Strategy

By forensically examining this context, a strategy for the successful delivery of a project can be mapped out. This will cover such issues as:

a. Planning policy context and programme for review;
b. Competing / precedent planning applications;
c. Project delivery programme and content;
d. Application format and structure;
e. Political lobbying and positioning; and
f. Technical inputs and risk areas.

03 / Implement

Once the strategy is agreed we implement the strategy and drive the programme forward managing risks early to ensure a smooth, efficient process. Our experience of the planning process allows to be flexible, anticipate issues early and put in place appropriate responses to deliver the desired outcomes. Planning is not just a case of putting an application or site promotion document together and letting it run its course. It needs to be managed through the process to ensure any allocation or consent is fit for purpose – your purpose.
The aim is the delivery of a successful project – to allocate a site or secure planning permission. By adopting this 3-stage process for projects a flexible, adaptive and appropriate approach is adopted which gives each project the best chance of success.

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